Our bus, Luana, was born in the year 1970. Richard Nixon was president, gas cost 39 cents per gallon, and platform shoes were a must have. You could propose to your sweetheart with a 1 carat diamond for only 299£ ! The first New York marathon was run this year and The Beatles released “Let it Be” in 1970.

Luana received her name in 2017 – Luana is Hawaiian for enjoyment, contentment, to be at leisure. She was also in need of a transformation, she used to be the proud owner of a Bob Marley mural!

One year, several coats of paint, hard work, and ship ride later; Luana landed on the shores of Maui and the Maui Photo Bus was born.

Luana, also known as “Lady Lu”, is a 1970 VW Photo Bus converted into a vintage mobile photo booth. She is equipped with a professional camera, lighting, a 21″ touchscreen monitor, high speed printer, and so many party props!


Luana calls Kihei her home, and she travels around the island of Maui spreading aloha and good vibes to everyone that she meets. The Maui Photo Bus is available for weddings, corporate events, private parties, birthdays, festivals, and anyone looking for a memorable way to capture their guests! Mahalo!